Tony & Marcy Brown - Owners/Coaches

In Tony’s words:

“Over the years, I have dedicated myself to athletics and fitness in some form or another. Whether it be football, competitive swimming, cycling, or competitive bodybuilding, I have always challenged myself to see what new limits I could achieve. Then, in 2005, during the course of some major life changes, I drastically changed directions, immersed myself in yoga (eventually becoming a teacher) and vowed never to set foot in a gym or lift weights again. But not long after, I had the incredible fortune of meeting a woman, Marcy, that would change my life yet again. As any guy in love does, I changed my life to reflect hers, which meant joining the nearby “globo gym” where she worked out. I definitely felt the bug again once I picked up a heavy bar, but at the age of 35, I not only had no interest in bodybuilding again, I was more interested in seeing if I could actually get in the best shape of my life. Unbeknownst to me, I had been gravitating towards CrossFit-like workouts. I had been doing some sparring with a group of MMA fighters, and also had watched the extras dvd for the movie, “300”, and the term “CrossFit” had been tossed around a few times. That was all it took – I was hooked. I can truly say that because of CrossFit, I am in the best shape of my life, and I know that I have just scratched the surface. But more importantly, as a couple and as busy parents of three very active kids, we have discovered a way to share our experience and passion for CrossFit through CrossFit Purgatory.

My own personal experience with coaching/training goes back more than twenty years. Whether it was coaching kids in swimming, personal training at a large health club, or teaching yoga, I have loved the opportunities I have had to teach others to excel physically. Marcy’s background as an athlete and fitness competitor has served her well as a former owner of a successful personal training studio, as well as a physical fitness training coach in law enforcement, where she has been employed as a law enforcement officer for 12 years. Marcy has single handedly implemented a CrossFit wellness program within her department and is dedicated to keeping our Arizona police officers safe, strong and well using the CrossFit methods. Between us, we have over 30 years of personal training and coaching experience.

We both feel that we have been handed an incredible gift in CrossFit, and that now we owe it to others to introduce this amazing methodology that not only represents the perfect tool to achieve strength, fitness, and longevity, but also is a way for people to connect as a community. Our vision for CrossFit Purgatory is to offer an inspirational family-friendly environment where people of any ability can receive top-level instruction to bring them to their ultimate level of health, as well as experience the CrossFit community.”

Tony is CrossFit Level 1 certified, USA Weightlifting coach, CrossFit Endurance certified

Aly Linehan - Manager + Coach

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and was fortunate to have an extremely active and healthy family. My parents let us try out different sports until we finally

found our niche, which for me was swimming. I began racing at age 7 and continued through high school and as much as I could as an adult. In my early teens, my swim coach encouraged me to start racing triathlons and I actually did quite well. Even as a young teenager, if I started a sport that I loved, I would train my hardest to succeed. It wasn't until a military deployment in 2009, that a friend asked me to do a Crossfit workout with her. I remember she just "whipped up" the workout and it included wall balls, push ups, and deadlifts. I had lifted weights throughout my life but never had I deadlifted. Somewhere in the third or fourth round I remember getting dizzy and extremely frustrated. I thought, "But I am in good shape. Why is this so hard!?!" I continued to Crossfit on my own for almost a year when I finally was introduced to Crossfit Purgatory and I have not looked back since. Crossfit has helped me get into the best shape of my life and I know that I am no where near my peak. I am stronger inside and out and feel more comfortable in my skin then ever before. I hope as a coach I can help my peers reach the same levels of confidence!

Nate Claridge

I was born in Albuquerque, NM and there were five kids in my family. My love for fitness started early on.  I remember watching the Olympics when I was five or six and was amazed at the feats of strength the gymnasts were doing. I wanted to be like them so bad that I taught myself handstands in a couple of months.  There was broken furniture and several holes in the wall involved in that process.  (Sorry Mom).  My father worked for the Department of energy. Many of his friends were former military or police.  Seeing my love for fitness, my dad used to bring me to work and let me “PT” with some of those guys. I loved it. They taught me a lot about Kettlebells and bodyweight movements.

When I was eighteen I joined the Air Force. During my first deployment I started doing the bodybuilding thing. I stopped running because “my metabolism was too fast” and “I need to get big”. After 6 months of this, I gained thirty pounds and was “pretty big”. When I came back from overseas and picked up my kettlebell. I was dismayed, that at twenty years old I couldn’t press a kettlebell as many times as I could when I was thirteen.  I went for a run and not only did I have joint pain, but I added several minutes to my run. I needed to find something better.

I heard about Crossfit from a guy I worked with.  I remember watching a workout online and saying to myself “I have to get into this”.  I researched around online and found I watched every video I could. I started doing every workout I could with the equipment I had. For a couple of years I did my best to complete the workouts at the base gym. Then I bought my own barbell and bumper plates and worked out at home. I went to a level 1 course to better learn the Crossfit skills. It was the first time I had ever been in an actual Crossfit gym and I fell in love. There was a bunch of weirdo’s like me that love to work out. It was awesome.

 I started training some of my fellow military members. I realized that I love to help people when it comes to fitness. Whether it is teaching people the dead lift to prevent back injury due to wearing body armor, guide someone in passing a PT test, or help an elderly person become more mobile. I love Crossfit, it has improved my life as well as my family and friends’

Logan Lichtenhan

My Mother has always told me that from the very beginning I liked to go fast, I liked to charge ahead sometimes with reckless abandon. When I was young I liked to run and enjoyed trying to run as fast as I could. Through out my life I have stayed "fit" using a wide array of sport and recreation activities including: Soccer, Track , Cross Country, Skateboarding, almost every kind cycling from Road to BMX and Downhill, Lifting, Hiking, Backpacking, and most recently Climbing. I always felt fit and had an interest in expanding my own fitness and my knowledge about how it worked. A few years ago I decided to take a Personal Training course through Pima Community College, the same my brother took before getting certified as a trainer and entering the field. Shortly after I started at Pima my brother Bryon heard about this thing called CrossFit. He already had an interest in Olympic Lifting and High Intensity so he embraced CrossFit and left conventional training behind. I was learning and utilizing more conventional workout practices but every once in a while my brother would throw a CrossFit workout my way. Cindy was my first, and she changed the way I thought about my own strengths and about what effective workouts could be. Twenty minutes and I was shaking with exhaustion. I started to work CrossFit into my regime but most of my training was still conventional isolation lifting because I thought it was the fastest way to gain muscle mass which was my goal at the time. My brother was exclusively following CrossFit protocol, guess who was getting stronger faster. This is when I decided to give CrossFit a closer look and the closer I looked and the more I tried it the more sense it made and the sorer I got. I started to post weekly WOD Challenges in the Pima Gym and had never seen strong people work so hard before and the light bulb blew up. After the Pima program I got my ACSM CPT certification but wasn't excited about working in a conventional gym so recently I focused on joining the CrossFit Community. I am still new to CrossFit but when I see something that works and works better than anything else I go after it and I move quick. I went to California to get my Level 1 cert because it was the soonest one I could feasibly get to. I am now very excited to utilize the knowledge I have garnered through conventional fitness training and study, and the CrossFit teachings, in order to help others on their personal path to fitness. Welcome to Purgatory, jump in the water is fine!

Matt Thrasher

I was raised in Tucson and, except for a few years away for college and law school, have been here most of my life. Fitness has always been an important part of my life in one form or another. I played lacrosse in college, and then club lacrosse and rugby while in law school. After finishing my education and joining the "real world," I maintained a healthy lifestyle by incorporating weight training, "cardio" training, and trying new sports such as distance running, yoga and mountaineering. I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Ixta and Orizaba (Mexico), Mt. Shasta (California), and go on regular hikes around Tucson. My fitness has always had a "constantly varied" element, which is probably what made my transition to CrossFit so easy and fun! I began CrossFitting in January 2009 after finally getting bored with the standard weight and cardio training that is done at most large corporate gyms. My fitness level had clearly plateaued, and I noticed that the time spent in the gym was not making me feel stronger or perform better at real life activities or sports. I had always thought of myself as being "fit" or "in shape," until I did my first CrossFit Workout…"Fran." That workout's simple, but effective, combination of Thrusters and Pullups left me gasping for air, aching all over, and completely changed my view of what it means to be "fit." From that day forward I completely embraced the CrossFit philosophy, both the methodology behind the workouts, as well as CrossFit's approach to nutrition. The results have been astounding. I no longer feel like my fitness has plateaued. In fact, because of CrossFit's emphasis on recording workouts and improving on personal bests, it is clear that my fitness level has dramatically improved and continues to improve on a consistent basis. Today, I am definitely in the best shape of my life. CrossFit continually challenges me, both mentally and physically, and leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment each day. As a CrossFit trainer, I love doing my part to pass that feeling on to others who want to improve their fitness, nutrition, health, and overall quality of life. I look forward to welcoming you into the CrossFit Purgatory community!

Corbin Gravely

I was born in Oakland, CA. My father was a commander in the Navy
and after he died we moved around a lot. Growing up throughout the Midwest I lived and worked on farms and ranches (helping to build my work ethic and appetite). I was never the most athletic kid, but I thought sports might be something fun to get into so throughout the years I played soccer, football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and was involved in some competitive martial arts. As I got older and my shape became more round than fit I tried to find some sort of workout activity (running, swimming, lifting) that would keep me interested and help me get into shape. Nothing seemed to catch my interest and truly I was unimpressed with my overall results. Until one day my wife (Dawna) mentioned something about a gym and workout regime she would like to go check out. For me the jury was still out, but I decided to go along for the ride and see what this CrossFit thing was all about. From the moment I walked into Purgatory I felt there was something different going on here, and by the time I had finished my first workout I knew. The short time and high intensity of the workouts stunned me. I was hooked. In less than a year CrossFit has become a very big part of my life and the people at Purgatory a part of my family.

Arumayta Martinez

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. While I was in grade school we moved to the U.S. and had the opportunity to live in different places
throughout the country do to my father’s job. I played several sports growing up but my artsy ways took over my leisure time. As an adult, I have always looked for ways to stay active and healthy. While in the military I had friends who took the time to show me proper form with free weights, I was never afraid of the “weight room”. Fast forward to college and there I found myself very sedentary, a friend told me to check out CrossFit in 2009. I instantly fell in love with the fact that workouts were short, intense and efficient. I spent about 6 months at my first affiliate and then moved to sunny Tucson and pursued CrossFit on my own. I learned a lot during that year and a half while following the mainsite on my own. Thankfully I was able to use my mother as a “guinea pig” and coach her through the workouts, which was a rewarding experience. While visiting Purgatory one day a light bulb went off and I realized how important being coached was to my training. The mental and physical gains I have made here are countless. I love my full time job but I also love the opportunity to coach others and be part of their journey!

Carla Morehouse

Hey ya’ll! I’m a Texas raised girl with absolutely no athletic background growing up! I didn’t learn to swim until I was thirteen at a community pool. A friend who just felt bad for me decided it was time I learned! Shortly after leaving my first high school I got involved with a new group of friends and ended up getting my first “official” job at Splashtown, the same waterpark where I almost drowned at age 9! With this job, came new friends and a new world filled with adventure! Later, I got a job at the YMCA thanks to a friend and there I further developed my swimming skills, later to become a swim instructor (and a good one I might add!). I became obsessed with the traditional 3 hour routine at the gym, started running a lot, trained for boot camp in the Coast Guard, and later kept my routine with some triathlon action after my first Commanding Officer talked me into it. In 2009, I was introduced to CrossFit by my now husband who actually stopped and got me hooked (fortunately, he started again once I moved to Tucson in 2010). I found the perfect form of athletic competition where I can release all my little bursts of energy.  Since I began CrossFit, I have progressed and learned so much.  After three years with CrossFit, I felt I had the experience to teach others ways to reach their potential.  As a student of Public Health at the University of Arizona and a Level 1 certified instructor, I have been granted the opportunity to complete an internship doing what I love!