Kaizen Weightlifting

What is Kaizen? By definition, it's a Japanese word meaning improvement, or change for the better. To us, it's an unrelenting pursuit to be better than yesterday. It's just as much a mental transformation as it is a physical one, and it's an accumulation of many small efforts to reach an ultimate goal.

Olympic Weightlifting is our passion. Compared to other strength movements, the snatch and clean and jerk require immense mobility, skill and strength to perform. Weightlifting builds speed, power, explosiveness and flexibility, with skill transferability to virtually any competitive sport. The two lifts are so technique focused, that even world record holders, when interviewed, admit that they never stop learning or trying to improve their technique.  

This is Kaizen - the process of continuous improvement. 

Kaizen Weightlifting is a program and culture designed for anyone at any level. We welcome beginners and fierce competitors, youth and master athletes.Whether you want to increase strength and speed to improve your performance in CrossFit or other sports, or pursue competition in Olympic Weightlifting, we have the programming, expertise and equipment to help you succeed. We don't just teach the "how", we teach the "why".  We are technique perfectionists, and believe in building a solid foundation in a safe and encouraging environment.  

Your coaches: 

Brandon Wright, Lead Coach 
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Eleiko Strength Coach, Level I
Crossfit Level I

Alex Hardie, Assistant Coach 
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Eleiko Strength Coach, Level I
CrossFit Level I