10.03.17 Injury & Recovery

I’m an active guy. Activity has always been something that is standard, as complacency has never been my strong suit.  Get up and go, and go, and go….so when injuries occur it can kind of put a damper on things.   Not being able to go all the time is a hard thing to accept, but rest, recovery, and a change of activities can be positive.

From an early age I have always been an extremely active person.  I started out skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. and over the years morphed to where I am now, Crossfit and rock climbing.  Through the journey thus far I have seen my fair share of injuries, including multiple dislocations, broken arm, broken face/nose, and now what we can start to call my “slew” of surgeries. Recently I had surgery on my shoulder to fix labrum tear(s), a torn tendon, and to reattach the long head of my bicep.  This procedure has roughly a 4 month + recovery, trumping my last couple recovery windows by far.

These recent developments, and the accompanying halt to my training, mean that I’ve needed to put a lot of focus towards remaining positive. We all face these obstacles on one level or another. Like most folks, I can sometimes be a bit grouchy, sarcastic, and not always Mr. Positivity, yet I have pressed on through my personal trials through modification, doctor recommendations, and advice from others on scaling or switching it up.  When you’re not able to do a WOD or activity because of a limitation, focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.  Stay positive and ask a coach or a friend for some suggestions.  While waiting for this surgery I was not able to do pull ups, so I had been doing tons of sit ups. Now I’m not able to move my arm, but I have another arm and some legs.  

Of course, some of the best advice when it comes to injury and roadblocks in your training is to stay committed and consistent with taking care of your body outside of training so you can prevent injuries in the first place. Recovery from all the activities we do is vital to staying at the top of our personal gains. Rest days are important to allow your muscles time to grow and strengthen.  Now, when I say “rest day” that doesn’t have to mean grab the Pringles and saddle up on the couch.  Give your body a break and do some yoga, walk, or swim.  What your rest day is depends on where you are from a fitness standpoint and what you’ve recently been doing. In addition to proper recovery, stay focused about pre and post workout nutrition.  Our bodies are not going to perform if the fuel isn’t there or is lacking what you may need.  Finally, always warm up and cool down appropriately for what you’re about to do and what you just did.  I am guilty of this as I’m sure many of you are as well. Working out doesn’t always have to be contained to an hour. Come in early and stretch, stay late to mobilize, use resistance bands, roll out etc.

Whatever your current limitations may be, keep your chin up and stay the course. Get knocked down seven times, stand up eight! Keep your wits about you, be patient with yourself, and take your recovery seriously so you can get back in there and be stronger than ever. 

Coach Steve

For more information on returning to Crossfit after an injury, check out this blog here: http://boxlifemagazine.com/tips-to-return-to-crossfit-post-injury/

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