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5 Reasons Your Teen Should Try CrossFit

As the popularity of crossfit continues to grow, age ranges for young CrossFitters is becoming lower and lower. As shown by the excitement surrounding the Teen Divisions in the last couple Crossfit Games, it’s becoming cool for kids to get in and start getting fit! If you are a parent of a teen you might be asking yourself “Why should I enroll my teen in a CrossFit class?”, when the question should be “why wouldn’t you enroll your child in a CrossFit class?” Here’s 5 reasons why crossfit and teens go together like ipods and earbuds:

  • Teens are going to get fit and they are going to get there fast. Their youth and energy provide incredible adaptability to a wide range of stimuli,  and their ability to learn correct movement patterns before they develop bad habits is paramount! Adolescence is also a great time to practice and develop balance and spatial awareness alongside developing strength, speed, and explosive power. 

  • Although it’s a bit of a no brainer, exercise decreases the risk for cardiovascular disease and other associated health issues. Although most teens are still in that blessed time of life when they believe they are invincible, we as parents know better. CrossFIt combines many different fitness domains together to develop growing muscles, neural pathways, and a solid cardiovascular system, laying the foundational groundwork for a long, healthy life well into adulthood.

  • Crossfit can improve sports performance, and assist with injury prevention. Most sports rely heavily on specific movements and energy systems, i.e. running and kicking in soccer. Overuse of any one movement pattern is what leads to injuries. This was a primary reason for developing kids and teen programs within CrossFit, to help increase sport specific abilities, but to also learn to supplement those abilities with generalized movements to increase overall strength and conditioning.

  • Increased cognitive performance. That’s right, crossfit can help you with your homework! Studies have shown that fit teens have faster reactive times in comparison to unfit teens. It was also revealed that unfit teens show faster reaction times after completing exercise, than after a period of relaxation. You can check out the study here and the review of the synergetic effect here. CrossFit will also help teens start to develop  a solid work ethic and the confidence to tackle difficult tasks. The long and short, exercise makes our teens smarter and willing to work harder to complete goals. Now who doesn’t want that? 

  • And last but no least….FUN!! CrossFit teens is fun! Could you just imagine a world where our kids fell in love with fitness? What type of world would that create? CrossFit training is fun, competitive, social, tough, and builds character as well as camaraderie! It’s really that simple.

Being a teen is difficult. Every day they are inundated with options that make being unhealthy very easy, so why not give them the tools to help them make informed decisions about their health and fitness before they are on their own. Believe me, they will thank you for it later!

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